Small Blades

Small Blades

In case you need to cut food in tiny pieces by the definite shape, such as dices or sticks, for a fresh salad like a julienne or any other similar dish, you will surely need a tool equipped with small blades which suit your purpose. Bemar has it: in fact, its blades of linear stainless steel for food are the best solution for this sort of uses. Such small blades are actually the ones employed, for instance, in devices for food linear or rotating cutting. Each of them is made of stainless steel, which allows for a cutting process in which no trace of rust will possibly spoil the purity of flavor of your meal. In these blades of linear stainless steel for food, the depth of craftsmanship tradition that Bemar embodies blends in with the most up-to-date technology leading to such a high technical precision. Whether these blades are used in automatic or manual devices, their exactness of cut, even when making pieces of tiny dimensions, is undeniable, and the touch they will add to your dishes is unique

stainless steel blades for food
fingers, strips, diced, whipped
fruit, vegetables, tubers, cheese